To You

This is a Letter to You,

Thank you for the rainy days,

and the sunshine ones.

The lessons and the learnings.

The fights and the make ups.

It is hard to let go of You.

how could I possibly forget You?

it has been a while & you still haunt my heart

i can’t seem to let you go.

I never meant to hurt you

i never meant to deceive you

all I wanted was to be loved by You.

But Maybe I wasn’t yours to love.

I guarded my heart for so long that

falling in love with you seemed right.

i will never regret giving you the key to my heart

but I’ll always remember you never wanted The key.

How can one find their soulmate

just to lose them?

you were my forever

and I was your ”maybe” why not…

You made me feel unworthy of love.

but I loved you regardless

because, what was living if it wasn’t

with you, loving you.

i am letting go

knowing I tried everything to make you see me.

But how could you ever see me when I was always a ghost in your life.

farewell my love

“all of me will always love all of you”

I love you

- M

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