The "M" Word | Ep.02: "P" for Pressure!

Greetings y'all, how are you feeling today? I know I am feeling amazing and ready to seize this week by its horns and apply some PRESSURE... because why not?

Have you ever had moments in your life, where you had no idea about what you wanted to do or needed to? Moments of uncertainty? I get those all the time.

The last two years were by far the most difficult years for me! From going to Law School to moving to the states 2 years ago, to not knowing what my next step would be when it comes to finding my career path … I owe myself a lot, big time for making it out alive.

You know, people really think that they aren’t capable of creating their own path and not the ones that were created by our folks for us. Not too long ago, I was mad at myself for always starting something and just giving up in the middle of the road… I would always create projects and never go through with them. And this is where I want YOU to do better than me.

Yes, you! I am talking to YOU . You know that project you have been wanting to start , do it !

That career you want to go for , go for it!

START APPLYING SOME PRESSURE TO YOUR GOALS ! Focus ! Don’t lose sight on what’s important for you.

Therefore, If you are reading this episode today, “It’s time for you to get up & go after your dreams.” It will never be easy, there will be moments where you’d want to just give up and take the easy routes. But guess what? Good things, take time; they never come as easy as we’d like them to. They come to those who wait & that is YOU.

It’s okay for the road to be bumpy, it’s okay if at first nothing feels like they are working for you. Do Not Give Up ! Apply Pressure.

So my sisters and brothers, WE gon start applying the big “P” from now on!

So who is with me?

Are YOU going to jump on the Pressure plane or are you going to miss takeoff?

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