Its Friday night, and baby I’M ALIVE! Its 9pm, and I’m getting ready to beat my face and slip into this little black dress with my black Christian Louboutin stilettos. My bestfriend, Jasmine, will be by to pick me up at 10:15pm so we can kick start our night at the bar.

Its 10:20 and my phone rings, “BITCH, I’m outside! Let’s go.” I quickly grab my clutch, make sure I have everything and head out. “Oh shit, you look good af.” Jasmine says while I hop into her car. “Thanks boo, you too! Did you decide which bar we’re heading to?” I asked while trying to put on my red matte lipstick. Jasmine smirked and keeps driving. This slick bitch always has something up her sleeve. The whole ride, we are laughing, jamming and getting ready to have a great time. We arrive to the casino and jasmine couldn’t be any more excited, as she shouts “LET’S BRING HOME A BAG!” we both laugh and enter the casino.

Before we get to playing, we decided to get a few drinks to get our mojo going. As we sit, talk shit, and vibe; I look up and see this handsome chocolate man, with thick dreads. Don’t judge me guys, but the liqour went straight to my coochie. We locked eyes, and pheww! That grin he gave me had her dripping and throbbing. He walks up to the bar and pulls out the chair right next to me. Jasmine waves down the bartender and orders us two shots of tequila. ”Add one more to that, it’s on me.” Jasmine and I glance at eachother real quick. I turned to him and smiled, ”thank you for the drink.” “No problem ma. I’m Jay.” His voice rumbled like thunder. he licked his lips and did that sexy ass grin again. I responded, ”my name is Melonie, you can call me Mel.” This whole time, all i can think about is his strong ass arms wrapped around my body.

As the night went by all three of us were having a great time. Jay started to spend on us left and right. I gave him my number, and we all decided to call it a night. Jasmine dropped me home by 2:30AM, she was not about to miss her dick appointment. As I walked into my house, I get a message from Jay. ”Hope you had a good time.” I sat on the couch and couldn’t stop thinking about his sexy ass, so I responded ”We can have a better time now.” Shit, I know we just met but we’re grown. He texted back in like one minute, ”What did you have in mind ma?” I quickly texted him my address and told him to let me know when he’s outside.

In about 25 minute, I get THAT text. “I just pulled up”. I go out to his car, and get in. Just by one look he already sensed I wanted trouble. He bit his lip and said,” what’s up?” I climbed over to his side and pressed my lips against his .. At this point, I don’t know what’s going on in my head. He let out a little whisper while he was gripping on my slim waist “Damn ma!” I start to take off his shirt. babyyyy, just looking at his even chocalate skin tone and feeling on his 6 pack had my pussy wetter than ever. It started to get real intense. I could feel his hard dick growing. Jay reached over to his glove compartment and pulled out a magnum. I nibbled on his bottom lip, while holding his face and said ”I want you to fuck me now!”

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