The “M” Word …

Updated: Jan 18

Howdy! My name is Mitzy💕 but you can call me Mimi.

I’m excited to be part of Cutiega Visuals newest project and thrilled to share my segments with you guys. Without further due, Welcome to “The M Word” .

Here’s a little something about your favorite blogger ; ME, of course.

I am 24 years old, studied law for 3 years, moved to the states in 2020; got my certificate in Child Psychology that same year & also, you probably recognize me as Madeinayitiofficial on IG . Well, that’s a secret I’m a social media influencer but you already knew that 😉.

MY journey has been A COLLECTION OF LIFE LESSONS & failures. But you know what they say “fall seven times stand up eight”.

On that note BUCKLE UP & let’s get ready to kick some ass this year.




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