Hi my friend,

I know that life hasn't been the kindest as of lately. It's as if the earth is caving in on you and suffocating you with the pressures of this world. You feel like a disappointment, you feel like you're not enough and will possibly never be enough, you feel like shame has you all shackled up and the moments you are all alone these thoughts of doubt only seem to be getting louder and louder. These thoughts are telling you to give up, to give up on everything, maybe even possibly to give up on life. These thoughts are telling you that life would be better without you, that no one will miss you and even if they do, they'll be ok and move on. But can I tell you my friend, that these thoughts are lies coming straight from the pit of hell.

I first want to affirm that your life has purpose, you are not here by accident. I want to affirm that your life is precious and that there are so many people who truly love and appreciate you. There are so many that have been positively imapcted by your life, just by you simply being you. I understand how you feel my friend and I agree life is HARD and SUCKS at times but I want you to take each waking moment day by day. If you need to speak to someone about how you've been feeling, please do. I want to remind you that we're not meant to do this life alone.

I remember when I was at a dark place in my life and shared these feelings with someone I know who truly loves and appreciates me. This person was there for me and allowed me to feel and share all that I was experiencing with no judgement in sight, just pure love. This person spoke life and reminded me of all the things that I had seem to have forgotten because of how loud my doubts had gotten. After speaking to me, this person asked me to promise not to give up on myself, in all aspects. And I did, I promised. It hasn't been easy, but I'm trying my best by flooding out all the lies with what I know to be true.

I share all this with you, my friend, to show and say that you are not alone. So just as this person asked me to promise not give up on myself, I will do the same with you, my friend.

Promise me that you won't give up on yourself, promise me that you won't believe in those lies from your thoughts, promise me you'll talk to someone, anyone about how you are feeling...Promise me, because truly, You matter & You. Are. Not. Alone.


Peace & Love,


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