Mademoiselle 🥀 (Final Episode)


The kids helped Monsieur Louis getting up and he went inside limping despite the cane he always had with him.

He closed the door, and felt the weight of the whole world on his shoulder. he thought about sitting in the living room but forced himself to go to his bedroom so he can lay down. Walking from the front door to the bedroom took all the energy that he had left

⁃ I’m not that old, he thought while closing the bedroom door. I just turned 55 but, with my health issues I look more like the elder of Rose. We haven’t talked about it yet, and I thinks it’s because she pretends to see very well but her eyes aren’t the same as before. If they were she would have seen the yellowish color of my eyes and skin, when I throw away the food she gives me because I just can’t eat it; and if she really saw how much weight I had lost, she would have tried to make me eat all day, every day. She’s been leaving me tea every morning because of my abdominal pain and somedays I really feel better but, most of the time I can feel my end is very near.

As soon as he gets on the bed like every night he had this feeling, a mix of melancholy, sadness and regret.

And just like every night his pain only go away when he thinks about Anièce, his late wife. And like every night his reverie started the same.

He could see himself, when he was 7 years old, his mom had just died, and Anièce was outside his gate, waiting for her grandma who was inside with Adam and Rose, she was 6 years old and lived two houses down with her grandmother because her mom had died in an accident and her dad has become an alcoholic since then. They went to the same school. He didn’t understand yet what being dead meant, he remembered Rose telling him that his mom went to heaven, and he will not see her ever again. But it was Anièce that broke it down to him that day. They were talking, she had the biggest eyebrows he had ever seen and was explaining to him that when someone die, they stop breathing and their bodies will smell first then start to decay, and if they don’t bury them, people will not be able to live near the body. She explained some people go to heaven if they were good and others go to hell if they were bad. But they were buried in the same place and, to prove her point she took him with her once after school to a nearby cemetery so he could see.

So, when his dad died a couple years later, Anièce was the only one he thought he could confide in.

Anièce was his first, he thought he might have been 12 years old, and was going out with his friends for Christmas eve but saw Anièce as he was walking out of his house, went to talk to her and she dragged him in one of those dark alleys and proceed to unzipping his pants.

But he knew he wasn’t her first because Anièce had a reputation since she turned 10 but, it didn’t matter to him, she was her friend and he liked hanging out with her.

Anièce was the first person he talked to about joining the military, she didn’t like the idea, but she said she was happy for him and he needed to see the country, he cannot just stay in Mariani just because. And even when Rose had a fight with him about it, he didn’t change his decision.

Before he left, He made Anièce promise him that she will leave too once she got a chance. She was a good baker, and she could bake anywhere.

He came home a couple of years later after one of his peers shot him in the leg during one of those training exercices. He was 20.

When he came back, Anièce had just buried her grand-mother and was packing everything she had to go to Port-au-Prince, a friend of hers found her a job at a bakery where they offered lodging and she took it, leaving her alcoholic father by himself.

They spent every day and night together and only made love the day before she was leaving.

After that, he continues living with Rose and Adam and sunk in alcoholism, and the night he caught them, he thought to himself maybe that’s why she never got married, she loved him.

But when Adam passed a few weeks later, seeing Rose like a ghost of herself in the house made him realize that he never wants to feel like this.

They were sad and missed Adam like crazy.

After a couple of months, he sobered up, got offered a desk job in the South and went over there.

He had his share of girlfriends but for some reason every year when he had to come back to Mariani for Christmas vacation, he was always single and Anièce came home from work every day so she can be there for him.

It went on for 9 years, and he decides that he was going to marry Anièce.

And this caused the biggest fight he ever had with Rose.

He remembered it like it happened the same morning.

Rose was sitting at the dinner table, waiting for him to come home like every year on December 22nd, so they can start diner, she was happy to see him and they were having a wonderful conversation until he said:

⁃ “I think I’m going to marry her”

⁃ “Marry who? You finally found someone you love?“ She asked, hopeful.

⁃ “I think you know her”, I answered

⁃ “I don’t think I do”, she started stuttering

⁃ “I want to marry Anièce”, I said

⁃ “You can’t marry her; you know she’s the neighborhood slut!! Why would you want THAT?“ She exploded

⁃ “I think I love her, I spent most of my life always waiting for the time I will see her again, and why are you so mad that I want her?”

⁃ “She slept with every guy on this street!”

⁃ “So?”

⁃ “She slept with Adam!!” She shouted

⁃ “So? Adam slept with everyone!! You still loved him, and you still regret that you didn’t marry him, Miss ‘I’m better than every woman’” I started to yell

⁃ “Why do YOU have to make an honest woman out of her?“

⁃ “Because I love her!! I just told you!!”

⁃ “Can’t you just sleep with her like everyone else? “

⁃ “I don’t want to use her for her body, I love her Rose.” I tried to say calmly.

⁃ “She slept with everyone!“

⁃ “You have no other reason than that?“

⁃ “But she did!!” Yelled Rose

⁃ “You are such a hypocrite and selfish!!!“

⁃ “No, I’m not!“

⁃ “Yes, you are, just because you want to stay miserable doesn’t mean I have to! Because you don’t want to get married doesn’t mean I have to! You pushed Adam to get married with Jacqueline while you loved him and he slept with every girl in here and you regretted it but, you don’t want me to marry the woman that I love because she had done the same?!?“

⁃ “It doesn’t work like that for a woman!” She roared

⁃ “And why is that?”

⁃ “Society!!!”

⁃ “O Rose!!! What is Society?!? I’m the one who wants to marry her despite everything not fucking society!! You just stand there and judge everyone like you are holy!!! I am going to marry this woman whether you like it or not.”

⁃ “You can’t do that!! She’s 29 years old, no one wants her!!”

⁃ “I do! I want her! I want to spend my life with her and if I don’t care about what your Society think, I don’t know why do you!”

⁃ “If you marry this woman, you are not welcome to my house!!” She said slowly and calmly.

⁃ “Rose, I love her. And if she will have me as her husband, I will marry her.” I said

⁃ “So you will choose her over me? “

⁃ “Yes Rose, I’d prefer to live with someone I love and have a chance at happiness then to trudge with you in despair and sorrow.” I said, while taking my bag and leaving the house probably forever.

« My time with Anièce was the best time of my life, I don’t regret one second of it. » He thought.

He had asked her to marry him the same day, she’s been reticent at first then after a lot of convincing she had said yes.

They got married a year later at Mariani, Mlle Rose came to the wedding ceremony but didn’t stay for the reception. And didn’t talk to Monsieur Louis since the wedding.

They went in the South where Louis worked, they didn’t have any children but not for lack of trying. For 9 years, they spent their holidays visiting new places in the country or baking for friends.

Until one day, Anièce didn’t wake up.

When Anièce died, Monsieur Louis went into depression and found comfort again in alcohol and never stopped drinking even when he was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. And didn’t stop when the doctor gave him 3 to 6 months to live.

⁃ I am 55 years old, He thought, I spent the last 15 years without Anièce, and I think it’s time for us to be together again. She had the most beautiful smile, and she’s the only one that could frighten my demons.

While he was thinking, he saw Anièce face smiling at him in the dark, he smiled back and Anièce touched his face. He cuddled his face to her hand while giving away his last breath.

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