Life of Nadia

Updated: Feb 16

Nadia was an only child; her mother owned the only bodega in the neighborhood which was exactly in front of their house and her father ran a gas station on Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Despite their precarious situation, they breathed and lived for their daughter, made every effort to ensure that she had everything she needed: They put her in a catholic school -funnily enough they are the priciest school in the country- they provided her with everything and then more.

At Nadia's school, all her classmates thought she was the daughter of a rich widow, because her father never step foot in the school even when they were doing meetings with both parents.

Her mother usually dropped her off at the school yard and the driver of one of her father’s friends would pick her up from school every day and drop her off in front of the bodega; she would go into the bodega and stay there with her mom until she closed it.

She spent her days off inside the bodega with her mother, and never talk to anyone but everyone in the neighborhood knew her name because her mother was the noisy type who didn't mind disturbing every household around hers from five o'clock in the morning until she decided to sleep. She could be heard shouting:

- “Nadia leve nan kabann ou non, li fè lè pou’w al prepare’w wi! ‘’

- “Nadia vin’n manje, tifi!”

- «Nadia al repase leson’w, sot devan televizyon an!”

- “Nadia al benyen “

The neighborhood knew everything Nadia was doing.

Those who usually see her in the bodega would tell you that she has the face of an angel, that she did not look anyone in the eye but always said hello quietly. She was always in the bodega with her mom, but she didn't touch anything and when her mom moved for some reason and a third party came to buy something, she would go quietly call her mom so she can come back.

His dad was Catholic and his mom Adventist, for this reason, every Saturday his mom went to church, and his dad went to work. In her childhood the mother went to church with her, but the dad didn’t want her to become an Adventist so they had an argument, and it was agreed that Nadia would go to church with her father on Sundays. As a result, when Nadia was twelve, she would spend four hours alone at home every Saturday. The shop didn't open its doors on Saturdays, but the creepiest boy in the neighborhood was seen walking into the bodega every Saturday morning.

One day, Nadia was taken to the hospital because she kept vomiting and she had a fever. At the clinic she was discovered pregnant. Her mother asked her if she’s been seeing any boys, she replied no that there were no boys at her school and swore that she had never seen any boys for that matter, where would she go with him? When did she had time to see someone? She was always at the house. Her mother took her to see an ob/gyn who confirmed that Nadia was a virgin. The mother went home confused and unpacked the problem to her husband.

The father was over the moon and declared that Nadia was a saint and that she should not stay among ordinary mortals. He took Nadia to the countryside never to be seen again.

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