I know Sometimes we all want to be left alone.

Well with my life, im always on the go, always doing something. I love to work, love coming up with brand new ideas and love helping my close ones getting their life situated. I just love making things happen, so I barely have time to be in my feelings really…lol

But when I finally get my little time alone, I abuse it. Phone on Do Not Disturb & meditate with the perfect playlist. One thing I love to do is clean, oh boy I LOVE cleaning my house and doing the laundry. So I would put on my shorts & crop top and starts cleaning, Dancing, singing all my stress and feelings away.I even cry sometimes, because this is the only time I allow myself to feel.

We’re all need that one on one time sometimes.

It’s an opportunity to let your mind wander and strengthen your creativity, without the need to care for or interact with other people. you can ignore outside influences and focus inward.

Here’s my Playlist ,

Feel free to use it when your feelings is all over the place.

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