Hello there!!!

I’m Ryuee, the most hopeful and optimistic person that you’ll get to know with the most hopeless, pessimistic, twisted and dark stories that you can imagine.

This will be an escape for me, it can be for you too, if you’re into weird and uncomfortable stories.

My inspiration comes from things I’ve seen, heard and sometimes subjects I reflected upon.

I’m a woman in my thirthies and live most of my life in Haiti so, I’ve seen stuff.

Things you don’t bring out in public but you know they are happening and one just close their eyes to them.

If you are easily frightened, not in a good place mentally and don’t practice the art of letting go, you probably shouldn’t read me.

You will read short stories about everyday battles, grief, violence, love, patriarchy, religion, social inequality and so on.

You just have to remember, they are just stories…

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