Forgive Yourself

Hi my friend,

It seems like your past mistakes are slowly starting to creep back up into your life, things you thought you could brush under the rug and they'd all be hidden and forgotten about. But what you begin to realize is that the more that you do that, the more the bump becomes more visible. The reality is that you now have to face these mistakes, mistakes that you haven't forgiven yourself for.

I first want to comfort you by saying that in this life WE ALL will make mistakes. Some of these mistakes will be intentional and some will be unintentional. There will be mistakes that we have made that will hurt the ones we love and care about. How they choose to react and respond to our mistakes is out of our control but what we do have control over of is how we respond to our own mistakes/faults.

It's important we recognize our faults, it rids us from the feeling of shame which is the complete opposite of guilt. Guilt helps recognize our fault and leads us to action, where as shame leaves us shackled in the prison of despair. You can forgive yourself by giving yourself the time to come to terms with your mistakes, once you've done that you can write a letter to yourself apologizing for all the mistakes you've done or whatever else you choose. Some mistakes will be heavier than others, so give yourself the time and space you need.

Yes, our mistakes can have negative impacts on our loved ones and ourselves, but I believe that there are silverlinings in our mistakes too. They help shape our character, they help us learn and grow, and who knows, we'll maybe experience other unexpected beautiful things too.

My friend, give yourself grace. We are perfectly imperfect, we will make a lot of mistakes in our life time, but how we choose to face these mistakes comes down to us.

It's ok to forgive yourself, my friend.

Peace & Love,


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