Fames Thursdayz!

Hail to “Fames Thursdayz“, where words fail but music speaks ! This is your girl Madeinayiti and I am thrilled to share my love and passion for music with you all.

Good thing I don’t know how to sing because if I did, honey, I would have been the Beyoncé to y’all Behives (LMAOOOO)…

Fames Thursdayz will mainly focus on the artists, their journey, their struggle to be where they are right now and many other surprises… Alongside Fames Thursdayz’s articles will be a video attached specially for you to enjoy my favorites and discover more about them and their music.

You will also get the chance to discover artists that you never heard about. This is a safe space , so enjoy it💋.

Feel free to leave a comment below about who you would love to be my first artist on Fames Thursday.




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