Your Book for the Weekeend!

You wanna know what my guilty pleasure is? Reading urban fiction… I’m on my kindle app 44% of the day, that’s the highest of any social media app. When you see me smiling at my phone, constantly reading something, it’s not a text from a guy.. oh no it’s me reading a juicy book. I enjoy reading about love, life, with a little illegal dealings here and there. I romanticize crime, don’t we all? We all tune in to 50cent‘s Power Universe weekly, so why not read about it.

This week I read an amazing book. Uncovering Love by M. Monique, it’s available for free on kindle unlimited, or you can buy it paperback $15 off Amazon. It’s 212 pages, took me about 2 days.

The book is about a woman whose parents are murdered unexpectedly. She was married, and pregnant at the time of the incident. While grieving she fell deep into depression, and ended up divorcing. Three years later she is now a single mom, still looking for answers though the case is solved. She meets a detective, they fall in love. While investigating a separate case, the detective uncovers a pandora box leading back to her parents’ murders. The end has a great twist that will leave you shocked. This is a must read.

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